Strong & Bold Crafted from the
real wood, the closet
that's closest to you
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Strong & Bold Crafted from the
real wood, the door
that protects you
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Strong & Bold Crafted from the
real wood, the sofa
that relaxes you
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Welcome to MARGO

Strong from It’s Core

MARGO PLYWOOD manufactures plywood in several grades. The grades are dependent upon the appearance and the quality of the veneers used for the outer plies.

MARGO Plywood Pvt. Ltd. embraced continuous innovation as a brand to reckon since1998 in the field of timber & plywood industry of the Indian market. Since the group’s inception, we pride ourselves on the quality of our products, our competitive pricing, and exceptional customer service.

It was decades ago when we started on the journey and entered the woodworking trade. We have come a long way and it would be unfair to say that the journey till here was easy, we faced our share of obstacles throughout. Although we are proud to say that what brought us here was our desire to provide the best quality which will be appreciated by everyone. Little did we know that it will turn out to be our piece of cake.

We believe in constant improvement, the reason being which we work towards constantly upgrading our product through innovations and convergence of new technology. Also, customer satisfaction is our No. 1 priority and we always provide our customers with the best quality. The aim is to emerge as the best plywood company serving the finest quality products and to be recognized among the best quality plywood brands in the world.


Our Products

General Purpose Ply

MARGO PLYWOOD manufactures plywood in several grades. The grades...
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Margo Power

Made form imported hardwood; Margo BWP grade is premium grade plywood...
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Margo Club

Margo Marine Grade plywood is premium grade plywood. It is the most...
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09 Margo Gold With Frame

Margo Gold

Margo- Gold Marine plywood as the name suggests is rich marine grade...
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Block Board

MARGO BLOCK BOARD is made from the wood of the Gurjan& Pinewood trees...
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Flush Door

Margo BWP flush door is made from seasoned hardwood timbers. We...
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Our product through innovations & convergence of new technology.


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An enormous amount of effort is contributed to ensure the maximum productivity in the working area that pumps gradual enthusiasm and motivation amongst the workers for performing efficiently and manufacturing zero-defect products.
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