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Margo BWP grade is premium grade plywood, which is made for the use in exterior application. It is waterproof plywood bonded with PF resin. GLP is mixed with PF resin to enhance it property against termite and borer. It is manufactured with imported Hardwood, which provides it more strength. It has better nail holding capacity. Final product is again treated with chemicals to provide super protection. The PF ply is passed through more than 72 hours of boiling test so it is better test so it is better choice for exterior use too.

As a result of their efforts, MARGO Ply is picking up fast as a quality product in the branded sector.

CORE VALUES Marine Plywood

  • MARGO Plus is a special grade Marine Plywood manufactured as per IS 710 guidelines
  • Resistance to Microbial decay
  • Termite and borer resistant
  • Unmatched Dimensional stablility under varying environmental conditions
  • Marine grade adhesive used for durability
  • Power bond technology used (Cross Linked Polymer Bond)
  • Exceptional screw and nail holding strength


Marine plywood is specially treated plywood that is designed to resist rotting in a high-moisture environment thus performs well in prolonged humid condition.  Marine plywood is most reliable to be used in the construction of docks, ships, boats and other marine vessels. It is also used in bathroom and kitchen walls and sub-flooring, door/ window panels, luggage racks, false ceilings, bus body building.


8×4, 7×4, 6×4, 8×3, 7×3, 6×3


3/4mm, 6mm, 8/9mm, 12mm, 15/16mm, 18/19mm

*Special sizes and higher thickness is available only in the BWP grade.