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BWR Grade - General Purpose ply (IS 303 : 1989)

MARGO BWR (Boiling Water Resistant) grade plywood is waterproof plywood that is always much in demand because of its durability, certified quality and termite resistance. Margo BWR plywood is bonded from Phenol Formaldehyde’ adhesive, which is a synthetic plastic resin. This is what gives the plywood its waterproofing qualities. MARGO BWR Grade plywood is made from 100% Hardwood Timber; Core and Face Veneers. It is exterior grade plywood that can be used for indoor, semi-outdoor and outdoor use. We cater to the varying demands of the customers, thus our Plywood BWR Grade is available in different sizes and range at cost effective prices. The finished plywood is examined for ideal dimensions, visual imperfections and quality finish before marking the plywood. MARGO BWR Grade General Purpose is perfectly suitable to be used in places where the plywood gets a prolonged exposure to moisture and direct sunlight.

CORE VALUES: of BWR Grade General Purpose Plywood

  • Moisture resistant plywood
  • Certified quality and termite resistance
  • Bonded from Phenol Formaldehyde’ adhesive
  • Enhanced water resistivity
  • Greater load bearing capacity
  • Superior density and tenacity
  • Extra stability and durability to the product to resist boiling water, cold water and climatic variations.


  • Kitchen Cabinets
  • Wall Panelling
  • Speaker Cabinets
  • Furniture
  • Grain Silos
  • Exhaust Pipes
  • False Ceilings
  • Light Construction Works
  • Hoardings
  • Exterior and Semi Exterior Works


8×4, 7×4, 6×4, 8×3, 7×3, 6×3


3/4mm, 6mm, 8/9mm, 12mm, 15/16mm, 18/19mm

*Special sizes and higher thickness is available only in the BWR grade.